I  im·pec·ca·ble (ĭm-pĕk'ə-bəl) 
1. Having no flaws; perfect. 
2. Incapable of sin or wrongdoing 

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Each bank requires slightly different documents but essentially they are all trying to establish your;

● Income - how much do you earn wages & investments.
● Expenses - how much do you spend on current loans.
● Assets - what major assets (property, shares, cash) do you have. 
● Liabilities - what do you owe.

Below is a list of documents the bank is likely to ask for. Don't be alarmed if you are missing something, talk to us as there is every chance we can work around it. 

All Applicants

● 2 Most Recent Pay Slips.
(Some lenders will accept 
a Letter of Employment outlining length of employment, type of employment (part time, casual, full-time) & gross & net income, on company letterhead showing ABN number, signed & dated by the pay master or manager.)
● 2 years Group Certificates & Tax returns/assessments.
● Latest centrelink letter outlining any centrelink income
● 12 months statements for rent, interest & dividend income.
● 6 months statements for all credit / store / charge cards.
● 6 months statements for all non property loans, including car loans, personal loans, hire purchase & leases.
● 12 months statements for all property loans.
● Last 6 months banks statements for all bank accounts.
● Rates notices for all properties owned & copy of the building insurance policies for these properties.
● 100 Points Identification (eg. Drivers Licence with a Passport or Birth Certificate or Drivers Licence with a Medicare card & two bank cards from different banks).

New Purchases

● If purchasing a new property the front few pages of the contract showing the Buyer & Seller, the purchase price & any special conditions.
If building (construction)
● council approved plans
● copy of the building contract signed & dated, with a schedule of payments
● copy of the builders insurance


● Home loans Statements for last 12 months.
● If available a copy of the mortgage contract to analyse costs to refinance. 
Property Investors
● Evidence of Rental Income. eg Managing Agent’s statements, copy of Lease or a letter from property manager showing actual or proposed income.

First Home Owners

● First Home Owners Grant application form

Self Employed / Company / Partnership / Trustee Applicants 
(Note - Low Doc loans,don’t need to provide proof of income)

● Last 2 years Tax Returns for Company / Partnerships / Trust 
● Last 2 years Balance Sheets & Profit & Loss statements. 
● Last 2 years Tax Assessments & BAS Statements. 
● Accountant’s full contact details.
● Your ABN.(Australian Business Number).